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Game-Making Progress

2008-04-08 21:34:46 by The-Scourge

Me and my Coder friend are starting to get things rolling. We already got some of the basic game functions done (lots of progress to be done). Lots of animation is yet to be done though (all by mouse*damn my lack of tablet*) and it doesnt help that I have a sprained finger right now...*blah, blah, blah*
Anyway yeah, lots of experimentation in this game (as in my animation skills) this is the first time Im gonna be animating fire (properly) and so far it looks great.
I'm hoping to get a tablet soon anyway, however I only have much hope in price range with a 6x4, is this an ok size? I dunno.
Expecting: Lots of different ways to ultimately incinerate your enemies
-not much else can be said about the game seeing that we don't have that much to show for right now except about getting the first level about 25% done.
Heres a picture of the main menu as it is so far

Game-Making Progress


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2008-04-14 19:46:07



2008-04-20 22:55:48

Looks nice, the grass looks out of place though, its like bent under the tree. :\


2008-05-18 23:12:02

I agree w/ arcansi, but it actually doesn't make a difference if it's lke that, love the art style alot! :O

The-Scourge responds:

Haven't seen you in a while, and yeah, I'll fix up the grass when it needs fixing the menu is good enough for me right now for me to put aside until required. You should come around more often boss