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Some Art with no Valued Point

2008-05-19 01:38:31 by The-Scourge

Behold, my art work that I did randomly. However it does have a point, a point existing to something very big in my maelstrom game. I know this drawing is kinda second rate but I think it's pretty good for something I only did in about half an hour
-All done in flash btw

Some Art with no Valued Point


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2008-05-19 21:40:26

It looks pretty cool. Do you have a name for it? Or do I just call it sally?

Nice art btw, really looking forward to this maelstrom game. ;)

The-Scourge responds:

Call it akashi, japanese for storm. And yeah you should be looking forward 2 it but I'm not gonna tell you much more about it cuz I just dont like you ;)


2008-08-15 02:49:17

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