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w00t game progress

2008-02-07 02:22:37 by The-Scourge

Yes, finally i found some coding that works. My first game is underway pplz. look out, here's a piccy

w00t game progress


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2008-02-07 03:04:57

and where did you get this coding?

The-Scourge responds:

tutorial collab, effin tutorial out there


2008-02-07 04:01:12

Looks good so far!


2008-02-09 05:10:40

Looks like the next Paladin or Madness, but better. Keep the ball rolling!

The-Scourge responds:

lol, wow I think you have too much faith in me there, I need to find out how to make it so he isnt a couple inches off the ground after he jumps. Im gonna try and edit it again.