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Let there be blood!...And pizza...dont forget that

2008-02-11 23:34:45 by The-Scourge

K, i need something messy, so i've started this up to run away from my stale projects! I hope to actually go far with this and submit it...eventually your looking at the beginning of what I should hope to be about a month or 2's work

Let there be blood!...And pizza...dont forget that


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2008-02-12 00:57:01

thats really good.


2008-02-19 22:07:23

Scourge add me to your contacts so i can pm you about nanites. You have your account set up so itll only accept messages from contacts!

The-Scourge responds:

ok, i just did


2008-02-28 20:45:30

reminds me of Madness Combat :D

The-Scourge responds:

probably, I didnt like the similiarity in coloration but honestly, I tried black and white and that didnt look so great and try putting vibrant color in a morbid animation and you get a...rainbow with alot of red =|