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Been a while

2008-03-18 02:58:28 by The-Scourge

since I posted anything so here it is. A little look in at my pico day project, I know very little about pico but what the heck, 3000$ gets me workin for alot of things :P Expect to see: Dad, Bots, Pico, and more...

Been a while


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2008-03-23 19:19:08

You're going to have to try a lot harder if you want to win. Just look at page three of the pico day art discussion in the art forum, and scroll down.

The-Scourge responds:

k, if you mean the artwork then well, im not submitting anything for the art conest, this is a cut out of my animation, and the quality got fuzzy cuz of the jpeg blurring


2008-04-03 21:37:04

If you get 3000 bucks for drawing NG Characters, i would kill to have your job. Really kewl.

The-Scourge responds:

its not my job, i do this in my own free time, and this is for the animation contest, not the art, if it was for art I would never have posted this